The Cops

The Cops
The Cops

3 Series

Distributed by BBC Worldwide

1998 - 2000 S1 - 8 x 60 minutes / S2 - 10 x 60 minutes / S3 - 6 x 60 minutes

This is not really a cop show at all. Perhaps, but incidentally. It is certainly not about solving crimes or catching villains.

The setting is urban but in a small enough patch for the audience to get to know and carry in its heart. We are not fighting crime in an anonymous metropolis. Nor following the bobby in Ruritania. It’s just a town in the middle of an endless conurbation.

The Cops goes out into the community with the police, live there with them and use their unique perspective to witness just how our society is working or not.


  • Robert Jones
  • Jimmy Gardner
  • Anita Pandolfo


  • Alrick
  • Harry Bradbeer
  • Kennerg Glenaan


  • Eric Coulter

Top Billed Cast

  • Katy Cavanagh
  • Rob Dixon
  • John Henshaw

Executive Producer

  • Tony Garnett