Saddam’s Tribe

Saddam’s Tribe
Saddam’s Tribe

Single Film

Distributed by C4 International

2007 1 x 100 minutes

The invasion of Iraq in 2003 brought to an end the regime of Saddam Hussein (Stanley Townsend) – one the last century’s most brutal dictators.
But behind the headlines about UN inspections and weapons of mass destruction is an even more extraordinary story of how the regime retained power for over a quarter of a century and would ultimately come to lose it. It is the story of family and tribal loyalty, debauchery and corruption, rivalry and betrayal.

The key to Saddam’s power was that his government was made up of trusted family members. Prominent amongst them were his son, Uday (Daniel Mays) and son-in-law, Hussein Kamel (Zubin Varla). But in 1995, the brewing rivalry between these two men reached crisis point and a bitter power struggle ensued which would sow the seeds of the regime’s eventual downfall. Caught in the middle of this was Saddam’s daughter, Raghad (Michelle Bonnard), whose loyalties to father and husband were put to the test as the battle for control of Iraq reached it’s vicious and bloody climax. From pampered politician’s wife to exile, she would go on to emerge from the ruins as the fallen leader’s heir.

With a plot reminiscent of Dallas and the Sopranos, this drama draws on unprecedented access to Raghad Hussein and other unique eye-witnesses, as well as extensive research, to tell the story of Saddam Hussein and his regime as you’ve never seen them before.


  • Ryan Craig


  • Christopher Menaul


  • Monica Garnsey

Top Billed Cast

  • Michelle Bonnard
  • Stanley Townsend
  • Daniel Mays
  • Zubin Varla

Executive Producer

  • Tony Garnett