Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond
Rough Diamond

Drama Series

Distributed by BBC Worldwide

2007 6 x 60 minutes

Beautiful rural Ireland. Elegant racehorses. Money. Family. A David and Goliath family drama pitting brilliant, but near bankrupt, young trainer Aidan (Conor Mullen) against mega rich neighbour Mr. Carrick (Stanley Townsend). Into Aidan’s life comes a young horse, spoilt and dangerous; and a teenage boy who drops the bombshell that he is Aidan’s son. The horse and the son turn the troubled Aidan’s life around. But Mr. Carrick’s beautiful wife, Yolanda, threatens to turn it upside down.


  • Robert Jones
  • Sergio Casci


  • Simon Massey
  • Dermot Boyd


  • Peter Norris

Top Billed Cast

  • Conor Mullen
  • Stanley Townsend

Executive Producer

  • Tony Garnett
Rough Diamond
Rough Diamond
Rough Diamond