Black Cab

Black Cab
Black Cab

Drama Series

Distributed by BBC Worldwide

1999 10 x 10 minutes

A series of ten, ten minute films - some humorous, some dramatic - capturing key in the lives of taxi drivers and their passengers. Among the journeys, a man visits his lover, a gay prostitute goes to work, two girls party on Christmas Eve, an American tourist sees 'real' London and a cabbie helps a woman in distress. Starring Ben Whishaw, Marc Warren, Harriet Walter, Lesley Manville, David Bradley & many more…

BUSY BODY by Amelia Bullmore
A cabbie picks up a jogger with an unusual exercise programme...

LOST & FOUND by Mark Ravenhill
A cabbie's sad story earns him more than an extra tip...

SILENT NIGHT by Malcolm Campbell

A cabbie working Christmas Eve gets more than he can handle from two girls out on the tiles...

TALK RADIO by Rachel Pole
A dispute about musical tastes leads a cabbie and his passenger on an unexpected journey...

WORK by James McCreadie
An inexperienced cabbie picks up a young man whose plans for the evening come as something of a shock...

An American tourist insists on seeing the 'real' London before he returns home...

WHITE KNIGHT by Joe Shrapnel
A cabbie at the end of his shift decides to help a woman in distress...

A passenger just out of prison finds it hard to go straight...

MARRIAGE GUIDANCE by Amelia Bullmore
A young woman receives some lessons in love from an old cabbie...

TOM & MARIANNE by Amelia Bullmore
A young woman and her boss share an eventful ride home...


  • Amelia Bullmore
  • Simon Heath
  • Rachel Anthony


  • Nicholas Laughland
  • Susan Tully


  • Chris Clough
  • Jake Lushington

Top Billed Cast

  • Phil Davis
  • Jamie Foreman
  • Stephen Tompkinson
  • Lesley Manville
  • David Bradley

Executive Producers

  • Sophie Balhetchet
  • Deirde Keir