2 Series

Distributed by BBC Worldwide

2000 - 2001 S1 - 10 x 30 minutes / S2 - 16 x 30 minutes

The series was aimed at the audience both sides of the crucial birthday. When is youth over? Is it thirty? Or can we choose? It’s the time in life when career and relationship questions start to get serious: the stakes are higher. In your twenties you can get away with being promising. In your thirties you have to deliver. These people wonder if they can, and what compromises will be required. And sacrifices. This was a show about all the different takes on growing up. Or refusing to.

Much of the fun was in the contrast between the fact that our characters gave advice about sex, relationships and friendships – but were not too hot at these things themselves.

Attachments was not just a T.V. show nor was the Attachments Website an appendage to the T.V. show. It was a T.V. show and an Internet business interacting to create a completely new experience.

The actual Internet business added resonance and public interest to the fictional characters in the T.V. show; and the concept that these characters were creating the Internet business in real time gave it a cachet and an extra dimension.


  • Rachel Anthony
  • Simon Block
  • Amelia Bullmore
  • Toby Whithouse
  • Richard Zajdlic


  • Harry Bradbeer
  • Susanna White


  • Simon Heath

Top Billed Cast

  • Polly Miller
  • Indira Varma
  • Romola Garai
  • David Williams

Executive Producer

  • Tony Garnett
'Vibrant, witty script'
The Guardian
'Excellent casting'
Daily Telegraph
'Well acted, visually stylish and funny, this is very promising stuff indeed'