The Bletchley Circle - Series 2


Blood on their Hands Episodes 1 & 2 

Former Bletchley Park girl Alice Merren (Hattie Morahan) is in prison awaiting trial for the murder of the eminent scientist John Richards (Paul McGann) Jean (Julie Graham) knows that him and Alice were once lovers and having visited Alice in Holloway Prison she deducts that she is hiding the truth about John's death but why?  Driven by her belief in Alice's innocence, Jean attempts to reunite the circle to help establish the innocence of one of their own. Susan (Anna Maxwell Martin) is reluctant to get involved after her experience with Crowley in series 1 and the danger it posed to her family. Lucy (Sophie Rundle) now has a clerical job at Scotland Yard and Millie (Rachael Stirling) is working as a German translator. The women's investigation leads them to Lizzie Lancaster (Faye Marsay) a young woman who appears to have had some sort of relationship with Richards prior to his death. Did Lizzie kill Richards and if so why is Alice covering for her? It becomes a race against time for the circle to save Alice from the hangman's noose, whilst in the process uncovering a much wider and darker conspiracy.

Uncustomed Goods Episodes 3 & 4 

  Having become friends, Millie introduces Alice to her new enterprise of import/export through a night out in a glamorous Soho Hotel. Alice is concerned, but Millie assures her that it is perfectly safe. However on her return to her flat that evening, Millie is kidnapped by Maltease gangsters and imprisoned in a seedy hotel. On discovering that Millie is missing and not wanting to incriminate her by contacting the police, Alice turns to the other girls to help. As they try to find their friend, they begin to realise just what sort of people Millie had become connected with and the life threatening danger she could be in. Millie is eventually released by the Maltease gang after coming to a truce with the family matriarch Marta. Her friends are pleased to see her home and safe but Millie explains that it isn't that simple. The uncustomed goods that the gang are importing are more than just cigarettes and alcohol  they are also trafficking girls from Eastern Europe. Feeling responsible for the part she had played in this business, Millie leads the girls to get to the heart of Marta's operation and save the young girls from a terrible fate. It appears that these gangs have been getting away with these activities for a while, a discovery that points to corruption within Scotland Yard. But who can they trust? With time against them it's a trail that brings them back to codebreaking and back to Bletchley Park......



"One of the few good things about going back to work in January is that the TV programmers recognise that everyone is staying in and so they tend to raise their game. On any other night The Bletchley Circle (ITV) would have got a star billing. It never lapses into twee and hits a sweet enough spot for a wet Monday in January" - The Guardian

"It's easy to see why the show inspires such fondness, a drama that centers on strong, clever, engaging women and offers up sharp and intelligent storylines is sadly all too rare, and we're determined to make the most of our time with Millie, Jean, Lucy and Alice" Inside Soap 

"No less than Stephen King named The Bletchley Circle as one of his top 10 shows of the last year, calling the first series short but supremely satisfying" ****" - TV Times Magazine 

"Feeling blue post - Christmas? Keep calm and carry on watching The Bletchley Circle" - Digital Spy

"The excellent code-breaking drama returns with the first of a compelling two-part story, a superbly co-ordinated team effort involving clever amateur sleuthing. Don't miss this" - The Observer 

"The Bletchley Circle ripples with such a fine sense of its period, the austere, brown postwar 1950s,  that it makes me yearn to wear a headscarf while carrying a clasp handbag in the crook of my arm. More seriously, it's very good at depicting the mundane and horrible mechanics of capital punishment as Alice (Hattie Morahan) prepares to go to the gallows for the murder of her lover. As she is measured, weighed and prepped for state-sponsored death, it is hard to resist a shudder" Radio Times

 "It's a triumphant return for the ingenious and refreshingly unusual thriller show" - The Mail on Sunday 

"It is not just the detective story that carries this series, however: the characters  are more than the sum of their Miss Marple-ish hats, with the friendship between Susan (Anna Maxwell Martin) and Millie (Rachael Stirling) an affecting portrait of quiet understanding and hidden depths" - The Sunday Times

"Individually formidable and collectively amazing, the bright young women of The Bletchley Circle (ITV) are back in action. Ten years after breaking the German codes, they are together again for yet more struggles against another kind of enemy: social circumstances. Husbands, unfair wages and rationing all conspire to stifle their sense of adventure, but our intrepid females: there are only four of them, but they are a bit like the Famous Five, are not to be repressed" - The Daily Telegraph  

"One thing is for sure: The Bletchley Circle is an intelligent and entertaining addition to winter schedules. Welcome back ladies, we've missed you" - The Custard TV


Crime Thriller Award 2014 (Nominee) - Best Actress - Anna Maxwell Martin (The Bletchley Circle: Series 2)

Crime Thriller Award 2014 (Nominee) - Best TV Dagger - The Bletchley Circle: Series 2


Title: The Bletchley Circle - Series 2
Original TX date: 6th January 2014
Broadcaster: ITV
Format: 4X60'
Cast & Crew:


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