Table 12


A Series of 10-minute shorts set at the same table in a busy London Restaurant. Starring Daniela Nardini, Paul Nicholls, Gwen Taylor, Marsha Thomason, Martin Ball and many more.



With Paul Nicholls, Daniela Nardini, Gwen Taylor, Marsha Thomason, Martin Ball and many more...

"The restaurant's quite a nice venue because, unlike with the cabs where you have to introduce strangers to each other, here you can have people who obviously know each other"

CHRIS CLOUGH (Series Producer)

"The Black Cab is quite a confessional space, whereas this is normally the place for airing some dirty knickers, where people can't really object to you doing it because you've got waiters and other customers around you.",
JAKE LUSHINGTON (Series Producer)

"It's always nice to do these things because they don't take too long, you have to really focus and concentrate. "
MALCOLM CAMPBELL (Writer of 'Settling Up' and 'Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner')

"If you can't bring in new directors for ten-minute films, when can you do it? "
JAKE LUSHINGTON (Series Producer)



Title: Table 12
Original TX date: 12th July 2001
Broadcaster: BBC2
Format: 10 x 10 mins
Cast & Crew:


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