In Plain Sight


In Plain Sight is a new three-part mini-series based on the true story of Lanarkshire detective William Muncie's quest to bring to justice notorious Scottish killer Peter Manuel. Douglas Henshall (Collision, Shetland) takes the role of William Muncie whilst Peter Manuel is played by Martin Compston (Line of Duty). Muncie first arrested Manuel in 1946 for housebreaking, but also successfully convicted him for a string of sexual assaults. Manuel vowed revenge. Released from prison in 1955, Manuel embarked on a two-year killing spree, claiming eight lives in the close-knit communities of South Lanarkshire. Manuel evaded capture for so long because he was unlike anything the local police had ever encountered: A murderer without any discernible motive whose victims were chosen at random. Muncie was the one man who had Manuel's measure and doggedly refused to give up until Manuel was brought to justice.



A sense of the insularity of small town life, the innocence and prejudices of the times, and the crudeness of the police's investigative methods, especially in the area of forensics, were all conveyed skilfully in Nick Steven's tightly plotted script and John Strickland's spare, almost austere direction. Already, In Plain Sight is exerting a powerful grip. It can only grow stronger as Manuel's campaign of violence escalates and fear ripples out into the wider community. - The Telegraph.

This well-crafted retelling of how serial murderer Peter Manuel - the 'Beast of Birkenshaw' - terrorised Lanarkshire in the late 1950s concludes. Buoyed by his continued evasion of the law, the assured and cocky Manuel (Martin Compston) sets a foot wrong, meaning Douglas Henshall's thwarted but ever-resourceful detective Muncie is finally able to close in. Had Manuel's horrifying crimes been a work of fiction, they would scarcely be believable. - The Guardian. 


RTS Scotland Awards (Winner) - Drama - In Plain Sight.


Title: In Plain Sight
Original TX date: 7th December 2016
Broadcaster: ITV
Format: 3 x 1 Hour
Cast & Crew -