Code of a Killer


Code of a Killer is based on the extraordinary true story of Alec Jeffreys' discovery of DNA fingerprinting and its first use by Detective Chief Superintendent David Baker in catching a double murderer.  

David Threlfall takes the role of David Baker who between 1983 and 1987 headed up the investigation into the brutal murders of two Leicestershire schoolgirls, Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth. 

Only a few miles away, Dr Alec Jeffreys, played by John Simm, was a scientist at Leicester University who, on 10 September 1984, invented a remarkable technique to read each individual's unique DNA fingerprint. When a local teenager admitted to one of the murders but not the other, Baker asked Jeffreys to analyse the DNA evidence left at the crime scenes. Both men were shocked to discover that the teenager was innocent, his confession false. DCS Baker then took the extraordinarily brave step to launch the worlds first ever DNA manhunt, testing over five thousand local men to track down the killer.

Made by 'Line of Duty' producers World Productions, Code of a Killer has been written by Michael Crompton (Kidnap & Ransom) with the full knowledge and input of retired Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys and former Detective Chief Superintendent David Baker. 

The drama will also feature Lorcan Cranitch (Penny Dreadful), Robert Glenister (Spooks), Siobhan Redmond (Between The Lines), Anna Madeley (Sense & Sensibility), Dorothy Atkinson (Call The Midwife), Andrew Tiernan (The Great Fire, The Driver), Jaz Deol (Restless Dust), Hannah Walters (Whitechapel), Lydia Rose Bewley (The Inbetweeners) and Ged Simons (Downton Abbey). 

The drama will be directed by James Strong (Broadchurch, United), produced by Priscilla Parish (Line of Duty) and executive produced by Simon Heath (Line of Duty, The Great Train Robbery). 



An utterly gripping thriller - Event Pick of the Day 

Great performances, gripping storytelling and an acceptable fusion of fact and drama - Guardian 

James Strong's direction is exemplary - Guardian 

A grim tale well told - Guardian 

Gripping & sensitively told. TV pick of the week - Independent on Sunday 

***** - Daily Mail 

A finely crafted drama, Exerting the insistent grip of the tensest thriller **** - Daily Mail 

What a game changer of a tale it is - Pick of the day - Daily Mirror 

Utterly compelling - Observer

 Absorbing ***** - Saturday Express 

Riveting two-part drama that will keep you gripped - times 

This is a classy affair, meticulously researched and brilliantly performed. A fitting tribute to the men who changed police work - Times

Immensely worth watching - Times 

I'll certainly return for the concluding part next Monday **** - Times 

Must-see television - TV times 

Powerful. Totally gripping stuff - Tv Times 

Terrific two part drama - Financial Times

Pick of the day ***** - Weekend


The Writers' Union Awards (Winner) - Best Short Film TV Drama - Michael Crompton 


Title: Code of a Killer
Original TX date: 2015
Broadcaster: ITV
Format: 2X90'
Cast & Crew:


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